Fully automatic |beam press Centro

The functional principle of the fully automatic beam press Centro.

technical features

  • linear guided vertical and horizontal axes
  • automatic press cycles for mortise/tenon and/or doweled joints
  • no glue stains on continuous press and support beams, contact surfaces glue repellent
  • fast exchangeable press plates for straight and outside profiled frames
  • loose insertion of the frame parts, no pre-assembly needed
  • automatic size adjustment by preset channel with opto-electronic
  • manual mode: size adjustment and press movements control by inching bottoms
  • movement speed app. 10 m/min
  • hydraulic pressure range 200 – 2.000 kg
  • programmable, via multiple-contact switch selectable pressure ratings (optional)
  • hauling mode: pneumatic clamping units fixed to the upper horizontal beam for ergonomic insertion position for high frames (optional)
  • additional intermediate press supports for vertical and horizontal axes (optional)

technical data

  • working area: 2.500 x 1.800 mm, other sizes on request
  • required space: app. 4.000 x 1.600 x 3.400 mm / (length x depth x height)
  • press force: 200 – 2.000 kg


design and dimensions subject to modifications

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