Multipress |Universal Perforated Plate Press

Suitable for any workpiece shape - Multipress the versatile.

Ideal for special shapes in window-, frame- and interior production.

Also applicable for board or block lamination.


  • Fixed manual hydraulic cylinder, with 2 matrix bolts
  • 360° rotatable manual hydraulic cylinder, with 1 matrix bolt and magnetic lock
  • Counter profile with holding magnet
  • Fixed single support, with 2 matrix bolts
  • Single support, rotatable by 360°, magnetic lock
  • Fixed single support, adjustable
  • Single support, rotatable by 360°, adjustable, magnetic lock
  • Spindle clamp for fixing of loose parts
  • Side pressure clamp, 800 mm, spindle driven
  • Side pressure clamp, movable over the full working area, manual hydraulic, with continuous press bar for the full working height
  • without pictures
  • moveable ladder fixed to machine frame
  • balancer units for cylinders
  • and so on


  • manual hydraulic cylinder with integrated pressure limitation valve, 60 mm stroke, max. press force 2,000 kg, fine adjustable by hand lever, cylinder rotatable by 360°
  • pneumatic cylinder, 110 mm stroke, max. press force 750 kg (10 bar)
  • electro-hydraulic cylinder, double action, 120 mm stroke, max. press force 2.500 kg (120 bar)

Technical details

  • heavy welded frame with 10° inclination
  • back plate made of 8 mm thick steel, 50 mm hole matrix, hole dia. 21 mm
  • bolt dia. 20 mm for durable precision and stability
  • high-webbed backside reinforcement
  • continuous horizontal and vertical abutments (optionally on both sides), re-adjustable, contact surfaces covered with glue repellent plastic lining
  • fast and easy adjustment and fixation off all cylinders and tools, by self-locking bolts
  • optionally with central hydraulic unit or pneumatic control panel with individually configurable cylinder circuits


Standard sizes (l x h):

2000 mm x 2000 mm
3000 mm x 2000 mm
3500 mm x 2650 mm
5000 mm x 3000 mm 


Overall dimensions (l x w x h):

2650 x 1400 x 2650 mm
3650 x 1400 x 2650 mm
4150 x 1400 x 3300 mm
5650 x 1400 x 3650 mm


Other sizes on request.
Design and dimensions subject to modifications

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