Multipress |Universal Perforated Plate Press

Suitable for every type of workpiece – Multipress: The universal one.
Ideal for special shapes in window, frame and interior fittings. The perfect complement to the frame press for the assembly of component elements, e.g. the gluing of exensions, doubling bars, etc. Also suitable used for board and block gluing.
The all-rounder for all special shapes and special cases with batch size 1.

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Technical features

  • Heavy, welded frame with 10° inclination
  • Base plate made of 8 mm thick steel, 50 mm hole grid, 21 mm grid hole diameter
  • Bolt ø 20 mm for permanent precision and stability
  • High web rear bracing in cassette form
  • Continuous horizontal and vertical abutments (optionally on both sides), readjustable, workpiece support surfaces with glue-repellent plastic coating
  • Quick adjustment and fixing for all press cylinders and tools by self-locking bolts
  • Optionally with central hydraulic unit or central pneumatic control with freely configurable control circuits

Multipress Accessories

  • Hand hydraulic cylinder fixed, with 2 locking bolts
  • Hand hydraulic cylinder 360° tiltable, with 1 locking bolt and magnet locking device
  • Counter profile allowance with holding magnet
  • Single support fixed, with 2 locking bolts
  • Single support 360° swivelling, with magnetic locking device
  • Single support fixed, adjustable to size
  • Single support 360° rotatable, dimensionally adjustable, magnetic stop
  • Spindle clamp for fixing loose parts
  • Side pressure clamp, 800 mm, with spindle drive
  • Side pressure beam, movable over the entire working area, hand-hydraulic, with continuous pressure beam for the entire working height
  • Traversable ladder
  • Balancer systems for cylinders

Press cylinders

  • Hand hydraulic cylinder with integrated pressure relief valve, 60 mm stroke, max. pressing force 2,000 kg, pressing force finely adjustable with hand lever, cylinder optionally 360° rotatable
  • Pneumatic pressing cylinder, 110 mm stroke, max. pressing force 750 kg (10 bar)
  • Electro-hydraulic pressing cylinder, double-acting, 120 mm stroke, max. pressing force 2,500 kg (120 bar)

Technical Data

Standard sizes (l x h):

2.000 mm x 2.000 mm
3.000 mm x 2.000 mm
3.500 mm x 2.650 mm
5.000 mm x 3.000 mm 

Installation dimensions (l x w x h):

2.650 x 1.400 x 2.650 mm
3.650 x 1.400 x 2.650 mm
4.150 x 1.400 x 3.300 mm
5.650 x 1.400 x 3.650 mm
Other sizes on request.

Design and dimensions subject to change without notice.

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