fully automatic frame press| super

The only self-configuring fully automatic frame press, in which the individual woods are inserted completely loosely into the press without pre-assembly. Dimension adjustment and machine setting are carried out after direct insertion of the individual woods into the pressing area. This technically mature fully automatic frame press ensures consistent one-man operation in the output-oriented window factory. 
Universal automatic frame press with automatic dimension adjustment - presses without pre-assembly.

Technical features

  • Loose insertion of the frame components into the pressing area without pre-assembly, both for frames and externally profiled sashes, also for alternating corner connections (slot-/pivot, dowels, hybrid).
  • Automatic length and height adjustment of the pressing area, no need for repositioning of the woods., no data connection needed
  • Dimension adjustment with 7.5 m/min.
  • Max. pressing force vertical 2.000 kg, max. pressing force horizontal 1.250 kg (per cylinder)
  • Pressing in automatic or manual mode
  • Decoupling of the vertical press cylinders for inclined, pointed and round arch windows, segment arches, etc.
  • Quick-change system for pendulum press plates for slanted and pointed windows or counter blocks for outside profiled frames
  • Positively guided upper right press corner prevents collision of printing plates/cylinders
  • Optional transverse pressure device with quick-locking system
  • Individual pressure control for intermediate press beam and/or transverse pressure device
  • Optional electronic preselection of 5 different pressure levels
  • Frame extensions on top/bottom - electro-hydraulically infinitely variable by means of touch button

Standard equipment

  • 2 vertical press cylinders, 250 mm stroke, pressing force 400 - 2,000 kg
  • 2 horizontal press cylinders, 80 mm stroke, pressing force 250 - 1,250 kg
  • 8 pneumatic clamps for fixing of the components
  • safety light barrier

Extra equipment / accessories

  • Intermediate press beam
  • Transverse pressing device
  • Individual pressure control for medium pressure beam and/or transverse pressure device
  • Triangular studio window pressing device
  • Inclinded window pressing device
  • Counter blocks for outside profiled frames and sashes
  • Small size accessory set
  • Automatic pressure preselection with 5 individually programmable, storable, pressure settings
  • Semi/fully automatic workpiece transport
  • Frame extensions on top/bottom
  • Customised clamping units and counter blocks for varnished woods with pre-assembled clips
  • Data connection to control systems
  • Barcode or RFID processing

Fields of application

Single, series and commission production of frame components, slanted windows, segmental and round arches

Decisive advantages in daily operation

  • Fast, efficient pressing of frames an sashes in one-man operation
  • 8 pneumatic clamps for absolutely loose inserting of the wooden components, independent of the type of corner connection
  • Field-tested, ergonomic and safe working due to direct insertion of the timber into the pressing area, no repositioning for machine setup and dimensional adjustment
  • Operator-friendly press loading for high frames thanks to integrated, automatic lifting function of the upper horizontal wood.
  • Quick-change system for special press plates (pendulum plates, counter blocks for outside profiled sashes, ..)
  • Universal automatic frame press with automatic dimension adjustment, no data connection needed.
  • Pressing without pre-assembly

Technical data & space requirements

Technical Data

Working height: 2.000 / 2.300 / 2.450 / 2.600 / 2.750 / 3.000 / 3.200 mm
Working widths: 3,000 - 6,000 mm, in steps of 500 mm
Weight: approx. 4,000 kg

space requirements

Length: 1,700 mm + working width
Height: 1,200 mm + working height
Width: approx. 1.800 mm

Dimensions and design subject to change without notice.

frame press Super|in action

S&S Machines| used by leading window manufacturers

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