Jumbo| gluing system

The top solution for the volume-oriented wood processor.
Segmented, one-sided swivel frames allow lateral loading and unloading of the press. Positive locking bolts ensure a closed force flow during the pressing process and together with the laterally adjustable vertical press cylinders, which can be adapted to the width of the material to be pressed, ensure optimum results in the glue joint.
If needed the press bed can be divided into sections with variable lengths. The combination of different sections together with the synchronised control for the swivel frames ensures optimum utilisation of the machine even with different product lengths. 
Supplemented by infeed roller conveyors, mechanical turn-up systems and lamella stackers, almost unmanned operation of the system is possible. An automated logging of relevant process data allows full production control.

Press in Action

Technical features

  • Customised cylinder design and cylinder grouping
  • Customised working height, length and width 
  • Laterally adjustable vertical cylinders for optimum press force transmission with varying wood thickness
  • Electro-hydraulic side pressure clamps
  • Combined high and low pressure hydraulics for fast cylinder movements and controlled pressure build-up
  • Infinitely variable, pre-programmable pressure setups by means of electronic proportional valves can be used for single and series production as well as commission production

Additional equipment / accessories

  • Outfeed conveyors
  • Automated lamella infeed
  • Press cylinder with extended stroke
  • Press data logging

Benefits for daily production

  • Fast, efficient loading and unloading in one-man operation
  • Optimum pressing results due to closed frame, pendular press, centric cylinder alignment and controlled pressure build-up
  • Ergonomic, practical and safe working

Technical data

  • spec. press force: 2 - 15 kg/cm2 (~0.2 - 1.5 N/mm2)
  • Lengths: 4 - 24 m, in 0.5 m increments
  • Press width: 250 - 400 mm
  • Press heights: 1.000 – 2.000 mm 

Dimensions and design subject to change without notice.

Gluing System Jumbo|in action

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