BLP| block gluing press

Block gluing systems are always used where a high product variety results in strongly changing pressing tasks. 
Typical products are table tops, staircase steps, fire protection elements, wood blanks or window scantlings in special sizes, special lengths or made of special woods.
The longitudinally displaceable beams with height-adjustable press cylinders enable optimum adaptation of the block gluing press to the workpiece. The side press clamps are available in various designs to ensure optimum fixation and are adapted to the intended use. Stepped or rounded shapes can thus be produced easily, safely and quickly, even with high pressing forces. 

Press in Action

Technical features

  • Basic frame in the heaviest, torsion-resistant welded construction made of thick-walled, machined steel profiles 
  • Pressure beam with fixed bottom abutment, made of special hollow profiles, with ball bearing mounted carriage for easy displacement
  • Press heights 1.200, 1.500 or 1.800 mm, height adjustable in 100 mm steps
  • Press cylinder ø40, 50, 60 and 90 mm, with 120 mm stroke, counterweight for one-hand height adjustment
  • Press forces 1.200, 2.000, 3.500, 6.000 or 10.000 kg
  • Optionally pneumatic, hydraulic or hand-hydraulic side pressure clamps, with continuous pressure beam, easily movable due to ball-bearing carriages, parking areas left/right outside the working area for unrestricted accessibility
  • Control units for side pressure and press cylinders at ergonomic height on the side pressure clamps
  • Hydraulic pump adapted to machine size and application, pressure 20-160 bar
  • Group control for press cylinder (optional) 
  • Automatic pressure adjustment in case of pressure loss (optional)
  • Preset pressure levels, selectable via step switch (optional)

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: max. 160 bar
  • Press force: 1,200 - 10,000 kg
  • Working length: from 2,500 mm
  • Working height: 1.200 / 1.500 / 1.800 mm
  • Overall height: starts at 2.500 mm
  • Depth: 1.800 mm
  • Overall width: Working width + Qty. side clamps x 300 mm

Special sizes on request
Dimensions and design subject to change without notice.

Block gluin press BLP|in Action

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