Automatic frame press| Centro EL

The Centro EL automatic frame press permits both highly efficient, volume driven series production and rational, highly flexible, order-related single item production.
The integrated data connection minimizes set-up times and accelerates process organization at the workplace. High rapid traverse speeds for size changes and universal clamping systems adapted to a wide variety of profile systems and corner connections significantly reduce set-up times or eliminate them completely. Program-controlled pressing cycles ensure process-safe assembly, even of filigree or finished painted frames, even with pre-assembled clips or fittings. 
The installation of various nailing devices (pin or staple nailers, nailers for corrugated fasteners) is just as easy as profile dependent multiple nailing positions or varying nailing positions. The protruding press corners also allow horizontal or vertical, manual or automated screwing of the frame corners.
The ergonomic insertion heights, loose insertion of the woods, hauling function for high frames and the low cleaning effort relieve the operator.
The optional installation of infeed and discharge systems simplifies the handling of large frame elements and enables integration into assembly lines.

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Technical features

  • Shortest set-up times for product changes optimize job-related production with a wide range of variants
  • Highly flexible machine concept for the most varied of tasks: finished lacquered woods, woods with pre-assembled clips or hardware, pressing of filigree and solid components
  • Data connection combined with barcode or RFID scanners enable paperless production.
  • Predefined interfaces to all common window processing programs
  • Simple, intuitive operating concept
  • Optimum operator information thanks to large displays for relevant job information
  • Automatic adaptation of the press parameters to the frame or sash type
  • Ergonomic insertion and removal position even for very large or small frames
  • Pneumatic clamping systems in combination with a hauling function for the upper horizontal wood allow loose insertion for all varieties of corner joints.
  • Centric drive concept for fastest format adjustment
  • Program-controlled pressing movements with force and dimension monitoring
  • High-quality, oversized drive components (ball screws, linear guides, servo drives with absolute position measuring systems, etc.) guarantee permanently precise, low-maintenance and low-wear operation.
  • Low cleaning effort due to closed press corners, as glue always spreads at the same point.
  • Installation of automatic nail, screw or drilling units possible.
  • Simple manual nailing or screwing by means of protruding press corners. Nailing in invisible places.

Extra equipment / accessories

  • Program-controlled intermediate press axis for mullions
  • Program-controlled horizontal press axis for transoms
  • Easy to change counter blocks made of glue-repellent plastics
  • Pneumatic clamps and hauling function
  • Automatic nailing, screwing or drilling units
  • Infeed and discharge systems

Decisive advantages in daily operation

  • Significant reduction of non-productive time.
  • Fast, efficient pressing of frames or sashes in one-man operation.
  • Universal clamps for loose insertion of the woods independent of the type of corner connection.
  • Ergonomic operation even with large frame heights thanks to integrated hauling function for the upper horizontal wood.
  • lean components, minimal cleaning effort due to protruding press corners with minimised contact surfaces.

Technical data (standard version)

Technical data

Press force: 150 - 2000 kg
Working widths: 2,500/3,000/3,500/4,000/4,500 mm
Working heights: approx. 2,450 mm
Depth: 1.650 mm
Transport height: 2,980 mm

Installation dimensions

Width: Working width + 1,200 mm
Depth: 2.100 mm
Height: 3.100 mm

Dimensions and design subject to change without notice.

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