Gluing System |2000

The gluing system 2000 is mainly used for gluing window scantlings, door scantlings, posts, panels, small binders for conservatories, etc. 
The solid frame design with continuous bottom support, strong press cylinders and strong side pressure clamps ensures the highest quality of the glue joint. Infeed roller conveyors at ergonomic heights with integrated glue application increase performance and ease of operation. The laterally adjustable press cylinders allow optimum utilisation of the pressing field length and adaptation of the press for transmission to the current product length. 
Machine length, number of pressing cylinders and side pressure clamps can be selected to suit the specific task.

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Basic configuration

  • 1-sided gluing press, working range 6.000 x 1050 x 160 mm
  • 12 horizontally movable press cylinders 
  • specific pressing force: 1,25 - 7,5 kg/cm2
  • 6 side pressure clamps with 2 hydraulic cylinders each, max. 1,800 kg clamping force
  • left/right-sided parking space for the side pressure clamps

Additional equipment / accessories

  • Centring bars for press axis alignment with varying product widths
  • S&S glue line: automatic glue application machine with motor-driven roller conveyors, shift capacity with 2-man operation: approx. 700 to 1.200 running meters window scantlings or approx. 140 m² panels
  • Time-controlled pressure loss compensation controll
  • Press cylinder with extended stroke

Technical data

  • Operating pressure vertical cylinder: min. 20 bar, max. 120 bar
  • Press force vertical cylinder: 1000 - 6000 kg
  • Stroke length vertical cylinder: 110 mm
  • Pressing force side pressure units: 760 - 1800 kg
  • Space requirement (L x W x H): 8000 x 1300 x 2655 mm
  • Working length: from 3000 mm
  • Working height: from 1050 mm
  • Wood width: 40 - 160 mm
  • Working height: approx. 700 mm from the floor
  • Press plate depth: 160 mm
  • Abutment depth: 220 mm
  • 1 central control for 12 pressing cylinders, 4 group controls for 3 press cylinders each, installed on side pressure clamps

Dimensions and design subject to change without notice.

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