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Gluing high-quality parquet and plank floors requires a reliable and even application of specific pressing forces of 2 - 12 kg/cm2 for workpiece widths of 150 - 400 mm. With this in mind, we have equipped our VS PK press series with an extremely robust frame construction: Whether pressing from top to bottom or from bottom to top, the torsion-resistant A-frame permanently prevents the press from bending upwards. In combination with solid abutments and massive pendulum pressure plates, the pressure surfaces remain parallel and the pressure is transmitted evenly. A wide range of cylinder diameters and operating pressures allows variable cylinder forces from 2 - 24 to.

With the division of the pressing area into several sections and individually designable insertion heights, our PK parquet presses are suitable for the commissioned production of noble small batches as well as for volume-oriented mass production. Integrated transport rollers (-> pressing direction from bottom to top) allow fast and ergonomic unloading of the gluing press. Glue application systems with lamella feed directly in front of the pressing area to reduce cycle times and increase ergonomics can be included in the project engineering.

Press in Action

Gluing press PK|in Action

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