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The computer-controlled fully automatic frame press with data connection to a production control system enables the pressing of frame elements in throughfeed: Frames pre-assembled on an infeed station are transported into the press area, pressed fully automatically, optionally nailed or screwed and transported out again. There are no limits to the possible frame shapes. 
Due to the modular design and extensive range of accessories, this fully automatic machine can be individually adapted to all pressing tasks. The technically mature, tried and tested design guarantees cycle time oriented volume production. Cycle times well below 60 sec are possible without any problems. Customised accessory sets also enable loose insertion, pressing of smallest or angled frames and sashes.

Press in Action

basic configuration

  • fully automatic press cycles for finger and/or doweled joints
  • loose insertion of the wood into the press area, no pre-fixation needed, both for blind frames and outside profiled frames
  • manual press cycle for frames with transoms and mullions
  • independent vertical axes for pressing of slanted frames, quick release system for pendular press plates
  • automatic pressing of frames with bottom or top enlargements up to 500 mm w ith special clamping units and
  • divided vertically adjustable horizontal cylinders (optional)
  • hydraulic size or force controlled pressing, press capacity continuously adjustable for all cylinder groups
  • electronic pressure control for 5 individual pressure settings (optional)
  • fully electronic pressing without hydraulics (optional)
  • all axes with linear bearing, electric powered by servo drives
  • size adjustment with app. 10 m/min
  • control box with touch screen, pivoted and swivel mounted, remote control (optional)
  • selection of frame type and size by user friendly task menu, in tegration in manufacturing execution systems
  • or barcode and RFID-scanners optional
  • automatic or semi-automatic loading and/or unloading of the frames (optional)
  • automatically controlled counter profile units for outside profiled frames (optional)

Additional equipment

  • central vertical press beam, for pressing of mullions or posts
  • lateral pressing unit on the right hand beam, for pressing of cross-bars
  • lateral pressing unit for central beam, both-way operation
  • individual pressure control for central vertical beam and/or lateral pressing units
  • electronic pressure control for 5 individual pressure settings (optional)
  • accessory kit for slanted frames
  • automatic assembly of frames with top and/or bottom enlargements up to 500 mm in height
  • accessory sets for outside profiled sashes
  • remote control
  • semi or fully automatic unloading of the frames
  • integration of drilling or nailing units in the joints

Standard equipment

  • 2 vertical pressing units, 250 mm stroke, press capacity 400 – 2.000 kg
  • 2 horizontal pressing units, 80 mm stroke, press capacity 250 – 1.250 kg
  • 8 clamping units for fastening of the frame parts
  • 3 servo axes

Decisive advantages for everyday production

  • fast, efficient assembly of frames in one-man operation, independent of frame size and shape.
  • 8 separate, finger safe clamping units for loose insertion of th e frame parts, suitable for all types of corner joints
  • field proven, ergonomic and safe work flow due to the direct insertion of the woods into the press area, no pre-insertion or re-positioning for size adjustment needed
  • best-practice, user-friendly loading of high frames due to integrated, fully autom atic hauling function for the upper cross beam, even with enlargements
  • quick release system for special tools (penduluar press plates, counter profile plates for outside profiled woods, …)
  • individual press force control for all cylinder groups

technical data and space requirement

technical data

working height: 2.000 – 3.200 mm
working width: 3.000 – 6.000 mm
power supply: 230/400 Volt, 8 kW
weight: app. 4.000 kg

space requirement

length: working width + 1.700 mm
height: working height + 1.200 mm
width: app. 1.800 mm

Technical details are subject to alternations.

frame press Perfekt|in action

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